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Business Valuation

Stanton Valuation Advisors, LLC provides a wide range of business valuation and financial advisory services nationwide. We offer only Fixed Fee engagements, so you aren’t surprised by any unanticipated costs. 

Gift & Estate Taxes

We provide gift and estate tax valuation reports that are detailed and defensible. Our analysis includes  in-depth application of supportable discounts for lack of marketability and control when needed. We understand the importance of applying accurate and detailed financial analysis to optimize your gift and estate planning needs. Our Gift & Estate Tax valuations reports are used for the following purposes:

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you are contemplating a merger, acquiring another business, or the target of an acquisition, our services can help you with your valuation needs. It’s hard to know what price to pay (or sell) if you don’t know the value. We can provide a detailed valuation report or advisory services for any transaction. Areas we can help include:

Shareholder or Management Buyout

Shareholder or management transitions can be tricky depending on a company’s buy-sell agreement or balancing the needs of a retiring owner with the sale to a trusted and respected manager(s). We can provide an objective valuation for the basis of any transaction. We provide valuations and advisory services for the following

Marital Divorce

We provide owners, spouses, and their legal & tax professionals with divorce valuations to help determine the equitable property settlement in a divorce. 

Succession Planning

Generally an owners’ business is their largest personal asset. We provide valuations for succession planning, allowing owners to successfully work with their attorney and accountants to optimize the transfer of their ownership interest. We offer the following: 

Other Services

Business valuations and financial advisory services can provide insights to owners, investors, and managers. We provide a wide range of unique services as listed below: