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We provide a fast and efficient process to value your most trusted asset. We have an open process and will update you of the status of your appraisal at every step.

With you every step of the way


Consultation & Engagement Letter

We start with an introductory call to discuss your business valuation & financial advisory needs. From there we will tailor our services to match your exact needs and send an engagement letter formalizing our agreement. Our services will be quoted on a fixed fee basis, so you aren’t surprised by any unanticipated costs. We look forward to working with you.


Document Request & Review

We will send a document & information request asking for items such as, historical financial statements, contracts, ownership documents, employee information, and general business information. Upon receipt, we will review this information before the interview.


Owner & Management Interview

Your business is unique and we want to know why. After we have reviewed the requested information, we will schedule a 30 – 60 minute owner and/or management interview to learn as much about your business as possible and help answer any remaining questions we have.


Final Analysis & Report Preparation

Good things take time. After our management interview we will complete our analysis and finish our draft report for your review.


Draft & Final Report

We will send the draft valuation report for your reivew. After you have reviewed the report, we will meet to go over the valuation and answer any outstanding questions you may have. If it all looks good we will send you the final report.